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Tales of Destiny 2

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Tales of Destiny 2 Community
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Anything to do with Tales of Destiny 2

Tales of Destiny 2

Welcome to the LiveJournal Community for Tales of Destiny 2, a video game for the PS2 and recently re-released onto the PSP.

Not to be confused with Tales of Destiny II for the PSX (which is actually Tales of Eternia in Japan) that was released in North America, unfortunately Tales of Destiny's true sequel never made it across the Atlantic. However, there's a little hope for us ToD2 fans, as the PSP version was just released in February 2007, there is a chance of it being brought to North America, but we've been let down many times before so I suppose it's best not to get our hopes up about that happening...

In any case! Welcome, feel free to join and post! We're very happy to have you with us. :D


Tales of Destiny 2, which is centered around Kyle Dunamis and his efforts to restore history as it once was, deals with the events that take place eighteen years after Stahn Aileron's exploits in Tales of Destiny. A new movement led by Elraine seeks to revive the goddess Fortuna and worship her as the one true god, one who would provide happiness to all people. Aided by Barbatos, an ancient soldier on the losing side of the War of Heaven and Earth who lusts for revenge, Elraine will not permit interference with her plan on the part of Kyle and his allies. (From wikipedia)